Purple Art

[June 21 2016]

Lauretta Vinciarelli “Light Unveiled” exhibition at Totah Gallery, New York

The recently opened Lower East Side Totah Gallery presents a solo exhibition of watercolors by italian artist LAURETTA VINCIARELLI (1943 – 2011). The show encircles the artist’s (architect and Columbia University professor) lifelong obsession with portraying the negotiations between light and architectural spaciality. The exhibition titled “Light Unveiled” is a testament to VINCIARELLI‘s steadfast desire to trace how luminosity penetrates and shapes the vantage point of one’s perspective of urban, objective reality. In this vein the paintings are studious examinations of the contingent quality of light, which in spite of being ubiquitously present as an entity can be restricted, augmented and channeled by the structures of urban design. One takeaway from the show should be that light has a ‘sculpting effect’ on the experience of our objective environment while inevitably remains mediated by it.

On view until September 18th, 2016  at Totah Gallery, 183 Stanton St, New York.

Text Kinga Rajzak and photo Alexis Dahan

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