Purple Art

[July 24 2017]

“Fond Illusions” group exhibition opening at Perrotin Gallery, New York

Galerie Perrotin New York  unveils its summer show Fond Illusions featuring artists Kathryn Andrews, Sophie Calle, Leslie Hewitt, Bharti Kher, Alicja Kwade, B.Ingrid Olson, Cornelia Parker, Gala Porras-Kim, Tatiana Trouvé that have taken on the topic of everyday objects.

Ingrid Olson, one of the artists, denoted that the sculptures “masterfully touch on space, perception and time”, while the gallery’s Melissa Timarchi concluded that the artifacts prompt the viewer to reflect on “the connotations attached to the miscellaneous”.

In Emmanuel Perrotin’s words the exhibition stars one of his “dream teams” – an all female circle of contemporary creatives. However he stressed along with the show co-curator and director of the New York Gallery Peggy Leboeuf that they did not commission women deliberately. “We simply brainstormed and everyone threw in one of their favorite artists. It was unintentional that it came down to women only. It is important to remember,the show is not about gender, but the concept of transformation” emphasized Peggy.

It is perhaps, as Galerie Perrotin’s Natacha Polaert argued the occasionally evident “delicacy” that might add an uncanny feminine undertone to certain works.

On view until August, 18th 2017 at Galerie Perrotin, 130 Orchard Street , 10002 New York.

Text and Photo Kinga Rajzak

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