Purple Art

[January 9 2014]

Jim Joe exhibition at The Hole, New York

It’s impossible, at least on a subconscious level, to not follow JIM JOE’s work. The ubiquitous name, which can be found on nearly every surface in Manhattan, exists as a quiet but constant murmur, a mysterious and exclamatory background noise that appears to be building towards some sort of distant crescendo. Over the past five years the name JIM JOE has evolved to exist as something familiar yet jarring, disquieting yet comforting. JIM JOE’s artworks function much the same way.

This is not the first time JIM JOE’s work has been in a gallery setting, he/she has had solo operations in New York, Paris and Toronto, but it is his/her first full solo show in New York City. The hanging of the show is as much a work as the art itself. The concept being that the work spreads methodically and gradually in a line around the walls of the gallery one day at a time, much like a fungus, pushing up against the traditions of a gallery show. The show won’t be complete until the 31st, and will be disassembled the following day. Created to be destroyed. It is furtive and subtle and blunt. It is happening right now. JIM JOE’s exhibition is now showing until January 31st at The Hole 312 Bowery, New York. Text and photos by Kay Goldberg

The Month Inhabited

For Yes Or For No


And With 2 Many Keys


Each Date Again


And At The Walls

In A Line


Furtive Efforts

Begs The Question

Please Or Thank You

The Answer Is Always Yes


One At A Time

None At Any Time

Never Enough Time

Only Enough Time

– Written by JIM JOE for Purple

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