Purple Art

[November 16 2017]

The Jeanette Hayes Purple Book

“For most of my life, I’ve spent a large portion of my time on the Internet,” she says. “This has influenced the way I see and interact with the real world. For me, abundance is key. I take pictures of everything I see and usually don’t even know what to do with the photos; I just need to capture what I’m seeing so I’m sure to remember it. And when I’m not taking my own photos or videos, I’m looking at other people’s photos, videos, paintings, and work. I’m a looker.”

The title of her Purple Book, Five, refers to the fingers of her hand, holding the phone while she is holding an object, pointing at cultural items, reading, writing, painting, drinking, playing, typing, or communicating. As all art forms are a means of communication, she observes, reshapes, and reframes her discoveries to make her art, which is never simply decorative. Language organizes and classifies the world of things, its colors, countless facts, and never-ending acts. Art is language that is always being renewed, “an invisible architecture of the human dark,” as Edmund Carpenter described it, an anti-environment made to cohere with and reflect the world at large.

Jeanette Hayes is currently exhibiting her new series titled “Despicable Me 5” on view until December 30th, 2017 at Castor Gallery, 90 Ludlow Street, 10002 New York.

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