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[December 21 2017]

#houseofmolteni chapter 5 featuring multimedia video artist Yi Zhou shot by Cameron McCool

The fifth #HouseOfMolteni story focuses on Beverly Hills – Los Angeles, home to many Hollywood stars, and features the Chinese leading multimedia video artist Yi Zhou.

MOLTENI — What does your house represent to you?
Yi Zhou — This is my new family house in Los Angeles and it represents a laboratory, a space to experiment to get new inspiration.

MOLTENI — Who chose the furniture?
Yi Zhou — I chose all the pieces from scratch with my dad who is into design.

MOLTENI — Any works of art at home?
Yi Zhou — I’m a multimedia artist, so I tend not to have art around because I like the wall and the spaces always blank to inspire me to create new things.

MOLTENI — Where do you get your best ideas?
Yi Zhou — I get my best ideas from different cities, and this house has been giving me new inspiration because Los Angeles is new for me. I just moved here in April and I’d like to absorb the energy that is around.

MOLTENI — Open Space or separate rooms?
Yi Zhou — I have no walls in my imagination and in my mind, I see everything as an open space, even if it’s in an internal space. I can go behind the walls, physically and mentally.

MOLTENI — Is your house a shelter or a place for sharing?
Yi Zhou — My house is a place for sharing ideas, emotions and new horizons.

MOLTENI — Design and fashion, similarities and differences
Yi Zhou — For me they are the same, if you are a creative person there is not such a difference between designing a piece of design and designing clothes. I think everything is one energy and one flow.

MOLTENI — Bath tub or shower?
Yi Zhou — I prefer bath but also shower, as you get different vibration and sensation.

MOLTENI — Home cooking or restaurant?
Yi Zhou — I am an aspiring chef, in another life I wanted to be a Michelin Chef probably. I love to entertain my host, my guests, my friends and family.

MOLTENI — Where would you like to live?
Yi Zhou — I would like to live in the middle of nowhere where I can just create, in a cabana of a few square metres just by the sea, like the Le Corbusier did. I think it would be very inspiring for me. I think we need phisical objects and clothing but at the same time we can be free and just live with what the imagination can bring us to.

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Photo Cameron McCool

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