Purple Diary

[December 20 2016]

A look at the Vincent Darré auction “Extravagance Dadaiste, a collection, an interior” at Piasa, Paris

For the first time art and design auction house Piasa showcased and sold proofs, prototypes, unique pieces and numbered prints by designer Vincent Darré, together with the designer’s furniture and personal items.

“When I heard those words I immediately visualized my apartment. It serves as my laboratory for experimenting with new furniture and arranging it in a personal setting,” said Vincent Darré. “My lair is full of various influences: walks, travels, a cabinet of curiosities… a passage of existence that always leaves traces in rooms whose decor I renew according to my travels – guided, above all, by my dreams. They have helped me achieve the goals emanating from my imagination ever since I was a child.

Such is Maison Darré and other projects, conceived more as set designs than decorative ensembles. I’ve always liked being theatrical! The idea with the Piasa sale is to create an installation charting the passions of an eccentric parisian. The giant sofas, re-upholstered time and time again, have hosted so many friends. The largest was bought to celebrate the appointment of my uncle George Semprum as Spanish Culture Minister!

All the objects in my apartment tell a story. So why sell them?

So I can write a new, even more personal chapter in the history of Maison Darré. We all have three lives – but I’m on my fifth!

The basic idea comes from Karl Lagerfeld, inspired by all the years I’ve spent alongside him. I’ve seen him change homes like he changes clothes – casting off the past with gay aplomb. As someone who was never been able to throw away the slightest souvenir, I admire such an attitude.

Then comes Pierre Bergé and that spectacular sale when he got rid of his life with Yves Saint Laurent – and told me he had never been happier than in a suite at the Lutétia!

For me the concept is different: I wish to showcase my work since the start of Maison Darré. Artist’s proofs, prototypes, unique pieces and numbered prints, together with my furniture and personal items, will all be on display on the second floor of 118 rue St-Honoré… creating a labyrinth of my obsessions, where visitors are invited to come and get lost!”

Photo Aurélien Mole

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