Purple Diary

[July 3 2011]

Emily Sundblad’s closing performance for her solo show, new york

On view through June, the singer Emily Sundblad presented a body of paintings for her solo show at the Algus Greenspon Gallery. Evoking New York, series of still lives were showcased in an exhibition design created in collaboration with Amy Greenspon and set designer Matthew Mazzucca using ‘rubber, Vaseline, and a staple-gun’, stated Sundblad. Her show was punctuated with musical performances – Sundblad notably performed with Pete Drungle in a unique piece pairing Syd Barrett’s surrealist If It’s In You with The Goldberg Variations by J.S.Bach.

Emily Sunblad will be performing with Joe Heffernan at 75 Morton Street at the beginning of Fall 2011. Photo Jessie Askinazi for Lomography

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