Purple Art

[February 24 2017]

Doug Aitken’s multi-faceted ranch house “Mirage” as part of the Desert X in Palm Springs opens today, California

“Mirage” by Doug Aitken is a site-specific installation set in the Southern California desert. The shape is very familiar as it is inspired by typical suburban American ranch house, which was mass-produced after World War II and therefore part of the American landscape. However what’s notable is that the structure is entirely composed of reflective mirrored surfaces, looking like a giant kaleidoscope yet at the same time part of the landscape.
Devoid of any doors, windows, or other openings to create a fluid relationship with the surrounding environment, it becomes a real open-air observatory to watch at all times of day and night because the show will always be different.

On view until October 31th, Palm Springs, California.

Courtesy of Doug Aitken

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