Purple Diary

[November 30 2016]

Dear Ivanka a peaceful protest by Halt Action Group in front of the Puck Building in New York

What started as an Instagram account  has now turned into real life action taken by artists such as Alison Gingeras, Cecily BrownDan ColenPiotr UklanskiMarilyn Minter, Cindy Sherman,  Bill Powers, just to name a few. “Dear Ivanka” was a peaceful Trump protest organized by an art collective Halt Action Group in front of New York’s Puck Building in SoHo on the night of November 28th.  The aim, to pledge the help of the president-elect’s daughter to support the issues of concern. Formulated in an open letter, the protesters appealed to protect the rights of all Americans, especially women and children.

Photo Balarama Heller

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