Purple Institute

[February 10 2014]

Dave Hickey’s book “Pirates and Farmers” is out now

“I miss being an elitist and not having to talk to idiots.” Pirates and Farmers is a recent collection of essays by one of the most acknowledged and respected art and culture critics of our time. Taking over Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles last week, Moca TV hosted the regular Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone contributor for a book reading and signing. Outrageously outspoken, the legendary commentator expressed his well-known distaste in art academia, waxed on about the decay of art since ’72, and reminisced about the days of getting into trouble with Warhol and Lou Reed in the underground of the Lower East Side. He advised the abundant audience to abandon recent pieces of work and to “go back to the moment in time before art started sucking.” Pirates and Farmers is published by Ridinghouse and available on here. Text and photo Paige Silveria

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