Purple Diary

[December 8 2015]

Raymond Pettibon collaborates with MZ Wallace to launch a limited edition tote bag to benefit the New York Public Library

You can now buy the limited edition tote bag designed by artist Raymond Pettibon with brand  MZ Wallace to benefit the New York Public Library here.

“My drawing style comes from etching. That was my big influence. Comic books were an influence, too, even though I couldn’t stand reading them. It was a way to learn how to communicate with image and words when you didn’t have to have a huge natural gift or a 15-year apprenticeship. But I was really learning from Hopper, from the Ashcan School, John Sloan, those fuckers. And Reginald Marsh, who did good illustrations for Dos Passos, even though they are very sketchy… Read more from our exclusive interview with Raymond Pettibon from Purple Fashion magazine issue 24

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