Purple Art

[February 4 2022]

“Arbiter of Worlds,” an exhibition by Jon Rafman at Ordet, Milan

Montreal born, Los Angeles based Jon Rafman is an artist, filmmaker, and essayist.  His works revolve around the emotional, social and existential impact of technology on contemporary life. His exhibition at Ordet involves works that revolve around the unique symbiotic relationship between the egregore and its parent group, now associated with the concept of the meme.
Egregore ( originating from the Greek word for wakeful ) refers to the development of a shared abstract cultural identity that influences the group that gave rise to it.
One of the central devices in Rafman’s work is the appropriation of the tools that alienate us from ourselves and our environment in the service of art and the uniquely human experience of beauty. He is interested in capturing the tension between the disinterested “eye” of the machine and the human impulse towards creating meaning.

This exhibition will feature 3 new paintings from the artist, 2 short films Egregore and Facials alongside films, Punctured Sky and Minor Daemon. 

On view from February 10 to March 26 2022 at Ordet
Via Adige 17, 20135 Milan, Italy

Courtesy of Jon Rafman

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