Purple Art

[June 6 2014]

“An Evening Imagined” by Charlie le Mindu at Fondation Cartier, Paris

An evening imagined” by Charlie Le Mindu was a performance and living art exhibition created by the London based artist, wigmaker, and fashion designer. In five surreal acts, Le Mindu combined performance art, dance, and pulsing video images to create a 45 minutes exhibition. An exploration of his imagined world of mythological and cultish creatures from an often hair covered future. In a stunning display of metamorphosis performers appeared and transformed as nearly nude porcelain skinned cult icons, stripping sex yetis, a wheelchair bound siren of seduction, a strong and brutal gyrating warrior, and finally a three person flying bird searching for salvation. The night also featured an opening performance from American artist Angie Reed exploring the world of a bored 1950’s secretary through rap, and a closing DJ set from Bordeaux-based Kap Bambino. Charlie Le Mindu was invited by the Fondation Cartier for this one-off performance as part of its Nomadic Nights series, which runs until September 2014. Text Stanley Judge and Photo Karim Benmour

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