Purple Diary

[April 23 2015]

Alex Bag is holding auditions for an upcoming performance at Team Gallery, New York

Alex Bag, who rose to prominence in the 1990’s with her video work, will hold an open audition on April 25th and 26th at Team Gallery for a scripted sitcom-style show/performance centering around four archetypal art-world characters. Each prospective actor will perform one of several monologues, chosen on location by the artist – the roles are fluid, not defined by physical characteristics. The premise for the TV program – which Bag will go on to produce as a separate artwork, to be shown at a later date – comes from David Foster Wallace’s novel Infinite Jest, a footnote describing a sitcom designed to stagnate, whose characters cannot advance or develop, trapped in an utterly circular narrative.

Click here to find out more about the auditions

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Photo Alex Bag

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