Purple Fashion

[June 25 2010]


American heroes are abundant these days, but one of the most original artists of the last 30 years is Snoop Dogg. He has single handedly reshaped the English language and created a personal style that is its own animal. For my 2011 Spring Summer collection, I decided to go Doggy style. It’s Compton via Italy. Plush cotton silk blends, satin bomber jackets, cashmere sweater football jerseys, jersey mesh, light cashmere shirts, ultra soft cotton twills lend to my luxury signature. I developed custom bandana prints in cotton silk for linings on hoodies, blazers, collars and as other accents throughout the collection. For the first time, I’ve employed the peak notch lapel on blazers, a signature of the Snoop. The lapels roll with an ease and elegance that make them versatile and pimpnotic. Capped off by new accessories – Panama hats, silk ties, workboots, high-top sneakers and suede wingtips it’s a collection that is down with uptown.

Text by Adam Kimmel and Photo Olivier Zahm

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