Purple Diary

[January 29 2024]

Abel Ferrara presented ‘LAMENTS,’ a series of poems by Gabriele Tinti on January 24th, at Castello Sforzesco.

Director and actor Abel Ferrara offered a reading of Gabriele Tinti’s poems inspired by Michelangelo’s Pietà Rondanini. This sculpture portrays the Virgin Mary tenderly cradling her dying son, Jesus, evoking themes of grief and Christian devotion. Ferrara, renowned for his cinematic explorations of redemption and inner conflict, lent his voice to the characters in Tinti’s poetry, notably Nicodemus, a figure often overlooked in traditional interpretations. Tinti, whose poetic muse is often inspired by visual art, collaborated closely with Ferrara to bring depth and emotion to the performance.

The video recording of the event will be accessible online starting February 18, 2024, marking the anniversary of Michelangelo’s passing, allowing audiences worldwide to experience the intersection of poetry, sculpture, and performance art.

Photos by Alessandro Simonetti

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