Purple Diary

[June 6 2016]

A visit to the Unicredit Pavillon designed by architect Michele De Lucchi, Milan

The Unicredit Pavillon is a multifunctional structure which serves as auditorium, venue for events, conferences and exhibition space in the renovated quarter of Porta Nuova in Milan. It has been designed with a strong focus on environmental sustainability and uses natural materials and modern building techniques.
“Inside you will find the essence of life and the magic that will regenerate the organisms that created them. The seed in this case is a building, made of wood, on the edge of a large park. Its soft curves stand out against the sharp lines of the neighboring buildings. It’s clear that it’s not a block of flats or offices, and it is intended to serve as a symbol linking the natural setting of the park with the people in the skyscrapers.” – Architect De Lucchi

All photos taken during the Open House Milano 2016.

Photo Christian Michele Michelsanti

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