Purple Diary

[May 6 2011]

THE GOLDEN SUN MOVEMENT PRESENTS ‘ON’ at the idea generation gallery, london

Children of Britain’s Second Summer of Love in the late Eighties, it was the rise of Acid House that gave birth to the artistic collective known as the Golden Sun Movement. East London’s Idea Generation Gallery presents original and past artworks from English graphic designers Luke Insect, Dave Little and Leo Zero. A journey through an era of new-found hedonism, the collective’s loud psychedelia, with more than a touch of nostalgia of the late Sixties, visualised the beats and spirit that transported youth through Acid House music. Fascinated with Sixties psyche, the original UFO spirit is summoned through the group’s contemporary works fusing brash colour and higher frequency realities. Original artwork for club nights such as Paul Oakenfield’s London night Spectrum and The World by Dave Little or the Balearic Club by Leo Zero are showcased alongside Luke Insect’s vivid Kommune series. The powerful series creates a fictive portrait of a generation, a meditation on the politics of existence through community and ceremony. The Golden Sun Movement presents ‘ON’: Acid House Art and 21st Century Psychedelia, an exhibition by Luke Insect, Leo Zero and Dave Little is on view until May 14 at the Idea Generation Gallery, 11 Chance Street, London. Photo and text Sophie Pinchetti

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