Purple Art

[November 11 2014]

Valentin Carron at 303 Gallery, New York

For his third show at New York’s 303 Gallery, Swiss artist Valentin Carron presents a subtly understated group of sculptures. Spread out in the room, glass casts of his own men’s belts are non-chalently laying on thrift-store found pieces furnitures. While the “found objects” appearance echoes John Armleder‘s practice, its combination with the fragility of his glass belt takes the viewer into a Carron’s own everyday world. On the walls, PVC Tarpaulin sheets stretched with metal tubing are depicting with ink small parts of internet-found images of book covers. This time it seems like Carron is mixing his fluxus influences with the genuine touches of Transavanguardia and the engineering of Support / Surface. The overall proposition works on the balance between the simple appearance and its complex infrastructre. On view at 303 Gallery untill December 20th. Text and photo by Alexis Dahan

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