Purple Art

[June 23 2022]

“Une Seconde d’Éternité,” a group exhibition at La Bourse de Commerce Pinault Collection, Paris

Bringing together keyworks of the Pinault collection, some of which have never been presented to the public before, “Une seconde de l’éternité” focusses on two central themes: first, the acknowledgement of the fleeting nature of time, and second, the time-pressured need to face the important issues of our present day and age. In the hands of today’s leading contemporary artists, time is transformed into visual and spatial shapes, resulting in a body of paintings and sculptures, as well as whole-scale light, sound and interactive installations, spread across seven gallery spaces that span over four floors. The result: a moving, holistic experience in which time fundamentally engulfs the viewer, allowing them to experience it existentially, politically and emotionally.


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