Purple Art

[November 29 2016]

“Un Pont” by Oscar Tuazon at Le Consortium, Dijon

Created as part of Les Nouveaux commanditaires, Oscar Tuazon‘s “Un pont” is a memorial of the battle of Arsot in 1944. An homage to 127 Algerian commandos who deferred the German invasion on Belfort, the wooden monument was commissioned by an association of combatants and mediated by Xavier Douroux, officially inaugurated on November 19th, 2016. Built with two crossing platforms, one oriented towards the Lion de Belfort and the other towards the city of Staoueli in Algeria, the bridge is not a ‘place of contemplation’, but rather a symbol of a ‘transit point’ where the African soldiers were brought to bravely defend a foreign land.

Photos courtesy of Le Consortium

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