Purple Art

[May 19 2016]

Torbjørn Rødland “Confabulations” new book published by MACK is out now !

Torbjørn Rødland “Confabulations” published by MACK is out now. The book is a visual archive of 64 pictures, which subtly misrepresent broken memories and childhood fantasies.

“Nor is it lost in a vortex of abstractions: it is quite simply one point of connectivity among many. The camera, with its associated range of lenses, aperture settings, lighting devices, and film types, is another. […] The emphatic sheen, sleek glamour and casual perversity still thrive, but they take on an independent existence as new textural realities – as if to speak of a material world that we can never fully know.” – Ina Blom about “Confabulations”

“Confabulations” is available to purchase here!

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