Purple Diary

[August 29 2016]

Takashi Homma’s “The Narcissistic City” book, published by MACK Books, is out now!

Using fragments collected in camera obscura, Takashi Homma‘s latest publication is a journey into an imaginary city built image by image by the photographer himself. With a fascinating poetic approach to photography, “The Narcissistic City” catches all the contrasts and the shades of the modern cities: the overcrowding and the emptiness, silence and chaos, the beauty and the brutality of the urban landscape.

“What is this object of desire, at once near and ungraspable, fascinating and repulsive, attractive and intractable, necessary and unbearable, intimate and impenetrable, available and inaccessible, that it is for itself as well as for the man of the crowd, for the man in the street, for the man of the city, for those who inhabit it and those merely passing through it, for anyone who knows that it is a labyrinth but nonetheless allows himself to remain trapped in it?” — Hubert Damisch, “Skyline: The Narcissistic City”

You can purchase the book here! 

Photo Inès Manai

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