Purple Art

[April 16 2013]

Thomas Hirschhorn’s drawing for his new Gramsci Monument, The Bronx

Thomas Hirschhorn‘s drawing for Gramsci Monument – the fourth and final work in his series of Monuments dedicated to major writers and thinkers of the twentieth century. Gramsci Monument will be located on the grounds of a housing development and take the form of a temporary pavilion with a theater stage, a library of Antonio Gramsci’s books, a public lounge, an Internet corner, a workshop area with carpentry tools, and a food kiosk.

Daily and weekly programs will include: lectures by scholars on Antonio Gramsci, poetry readings and workshops, open microphone event, art workshops led by Thomas Hirschhorn, field trips organized by the ambassador, and a play, titled Gramsci Body.

Produced by Dia Art Foundation, located at Forest Houses, The Bronx, Summer 2013

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