Purple Art

[September 17 2020]

“The Warm Parts” by Jeremy Everett at Webber Gallery, London

Los Angeles-based artist Jeremy Everett’s first show in London takes over Webber Gallery’s entire space, exploring his latest studies in reapplying and reworking photographic techniques to effect a woozy delight.

The ephemeral fragments and moments of light he has captured are revisited through filters, at times eerily different from the tweaks a decade of instagram has accustomed us to. Pictures are pinned behind glass on walls, having been painted with a soft emulsion, or appear framed in iridescent boxes. Workbook style publications are printed onto vellum tracing paper to create chunky tomes of photographic palimpsests, while standalone images sit as bound stacks of photo postcards.

Elsewhere, Everett plays Frankenstein with his ongoing buried pictures series, leaving works to decompose in the earth before disinterring them, reprocessing and reprinting the images, and presenting them life-size on the gallery walls. And the gallery’s skylight is used as part canvas, part projector to display the artist’s shot of Robert Smithson’s seminal 1970 ‘Spiral Jetty’ earthwork. Stubbed out cigarettes printed onto a formal cake (wedding? birthday? funeral?) add a welcome final flourish of fun to proceedings.

Text and photos by Jethro Turner

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