Purple Art

[October 10 2018]

“The Annotated Reader” group exhibition at Cork Street Galleries, London

Curated by artist RYAN GANDER and critic JONATHAN P WATTSThe Annotated Reader features texts picked out by 281 artists and creatives including MARINA ABRAMOVIC, OLAFUR ELIASSON and SARAH LUCAS. The contributors were invited to select the one piece of writing they would want to keep them company if they’d missed the last train somewhere, and asked to annotate their text with notes, thoughts, feelings, drawings and more. The amazingly layered results are arranged on the gallery walls to be collected and taken away in paper form, or available as a PDF from a vending machine.

“The Annotated Reader” is on view until October 13rd at Cork Street Galleries, Mayfair, London.

Text and photo Jethro Turner

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