Purple Art

[March 14 2024]

“The Echo of Picasso” exhibition curated by Eric Troncy at Museo Picasso Málaga, on view until March 31st

The exhibition features 85 works, 18 of which by Picasso and the rest by 55 artists such as Willem de Kooning, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Louise Bourgeois and Jeff Koons that are in direct dialogue with the artist but above all presented as an echo of his creative activity. The exhibition focuses on the influence of Picasso’s artistic practices on today’s world and on the current international art scene. Eric Troncy states that the uniqueness of this exhibition is firstly due to the fact that it “explores the remarkable presence of Picasso in our visual imagination and secondly the profound mark that his constant quest for new forms of artistic expression has left on the concerns of the most recent generations.”

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