Purple Art

[June 8 2022]

“Self 07,” six photographic exhibitions in six different cities, curated by Anthony Vaccarello at Saint Laurent

For the seventh edition of “Self,” a project set up by Vaccarello that aims to create interdisciplinary art that provides a social commentary on the world we live in, six photographers, three from Magnum and three guests, were invited to capture their respective cities and its people, shedding light on the experiences, challenges and hopes of today.

All exhibitions will be on view from June 9 until June 12 at the following locations:

Takashi Homma will be on view at Miyashita Park, Tokyo
Harry Gruyaert will be on view at the Jardins du Palais Royal, Paris
Alex Webb will be on view at Madison Square Park, New York
Olivia Arthur will be on view at the Observation Point, London
Birdhead will be on view digitally in China
Daesung Lee will be on view at Namsan Palgakjeong, Seoul

Photos by Takashi Homma, Harry Gruyaert, Alex Webb, Olivia Arthur, Birdhead and Daesung Lee

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