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[July 5 2017]

See an exclusive preview of Maxime Ballesteros debut book “Les Absents” published by Sang Bleu

Presented by Sang Bleu Publishing, our longtime contributor maxime ballesteros launches today his first book  “Maxime Ballesteros, Les Absents”  together with a special exhibition at the König Galerie in Berlin.

The book exposes Maxime‘s signature photography full of raw emotion, revealed through flesh, leather, stockings and heels. “It is a book about a primal fear, almost ancestral, which was born with your first breath, and will only leave you, finally, at your last” he says.

Les Absents” portrays the photographer’s primal themes of sexual drives, creation and destruction. The world pictured by Maxime is one we are perhaps terrified to live in, but terrified to leave. Sexual freedom is celebrated in our everyday moments, so that we can appreciate the authenticity of everyday life.

Maxime Ballesteros’ photographs share the same DNA as Kurt Cobain’s rough wail, Picasso’s sketches, Bill T. Jones’s walk and Raymond Carver’s sentences. They arise from common acts that people regularly perform, yet when they are realized through uniquely talented artists, they become profound. ” writes the critic Ana Finel Honigman.

The exhibition ‘Les Absents’ runs until 16th, July 2017 at König Galerie, Dessauer Strasse 6,10963 Berlin.

Buy your copy of “Maxime Ballesteros, Les Absents” here

Photo Maxime Ballesteros

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