Purple Diary

[September 19 2018]

See a preview of the new Camper Fall/Winter 2018 campaign featuring nine avatars

From the visionary mind of Creative Director Romain Kremer, the new Camper Fall/Winter 2018 campaign is conceived as a supernatural adventure through virtual reality.

The protagonists of this futuristic world are nine different avatars, ranging from the supernatural to the post-apocalyptic, each stretching the imagination and blurring lines between the abstract and the absolute.

Purple introduces here two of the characters from the campaign, photographed by Daniel Sannwald, styled by Anna Trevelyan, with make-up by Isamaya Ffrench, and hair by Charlie Le Mindu.

Cloud Pix, a villain female avatar and a master of domination, uses her ability to control minds in order to reach ultimate world supremacy.

Rolling-chan, who defends against Cloud Pix’s evil plan to destroy the planet, is an unpredictable Technicolor Samurai with ultraviolet visibility and an unstoppable force of joy and happiness.

Visit Camper’s website to discover all the characters and immerse yourself in Camper’s new virtual-fighting game of good versus evil.

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