Purple Art

[January 24 2017]

Sandy Kim “Analog Brain” exhibition at Little Big Man Gallery, Los Angeles

Captured within and around Los Angeles, Sandy Kim’s series is a reflection of her creative and non-binary photographic practice. Produced entirely without digital intervention, her work embraces the messy imperfection, the ‘mistake’ and the aberration.

“This is my first time creating something that people can interact with and experience. I have notes on the wall, a story Colby wrote when he first me. All the photos that I’ve shot over the years are tacked to the walls. Photos from way back when I was in San Francisco, partying images, landscapes… Somebody called it a wall of my greatest hits.
Also included is my computer – I thought people would look at some pictures but people were going in on it. I didn’t filter through it before the opening so I had invoices on there, and people were going through my search history. There was not a single time in the opening that the computer was free.” – Sandy Kim

On view until February 11th, at Little Big Man Gallery, 1427 E. 4th Street Unit 2, Los Angeles.

Photo Gabriela Forgo

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