Purple Art

[June 29 2021]

“Sad Summer Daze,” curated by Sam Quealy at Galerie Charraudeau, Paris

Purple is pleased to present the official release of “Sad Summer Daze,” the debut single from Australian artist Sam Quealy. To celebrate, Quealy invited 14 artists to present their work alongside her improvised live performance of the single with dancer Snake Ninja.

The list of artists includes Marlon Magnée, Runaway Ramo, Claudia Maté, Salomé Chatriot, Samuel Fasse, Louie Banks, Axel Besson, Vanille Verloës, Veronika Baron, Bruce, Luka Spaziani-Booth, Innokentiy Makarov and Bruce Costa as well as an improvised live performance from Snake Ninja.

On view now until the 2nd of July at Galerie Charraudeau
3/4 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris

Photos by Jac Revald

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