Purple Diary

[October 18 2023]

“Rules of Non-Engagement” en exhibition by Vanessa Beecroft

“Rules of Non-Engagement” an exhibition by Vanessa Beecroft at Jeffrey Deitch, LA.

Vanessa Beecroft, in the early 1990s, realized that the nude models in her life drawing class were more interesting than her own drawings. That insight led to her unique fusion of painting, performance, and sculpture. Beecroft’s work has shaped performance art, the representation of the female body, and socio-political discourse in art. Her performances often highlight the tensions between nakedness and clothing, constraint and freedom, the collective and the individual, and human strength and weakness.

During the past year, Beecroft has focused on painting, creating resonant images based on her Polaroids of early performances. They capture the liminal state of her performance state and sensuality.

Last days of the exhibition on view until October 31st 2023 at Jeffrey Deitch.

photos by Charles White. Courtesy of the artist and Jeffrey Deitch, LA.

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