Purple Art

[March 12 2015]

Roselee Goldberg and Dustin Yellin in conversation at Pioneer Works, New York

Roselee Goldberg and Dustin Yellin discuss performance art in the context of their respective organizations, Performa and Pioneer Works. Their work encourages artists, curators, and organizations to integrate art across disciplines and raises the status of performance by providing a critical platform and engaged communities. Performance uniquely empowers both audience and artists to confront the ever-changing present. It breaks boundaries, speaks loudly and sashays across high and low cultures. A one night event continues through the reactions, conversations, and perspectives it creates as well as the photographs, videos or ephemera which might be collected by galleries and museums. Performa and Pioneer Works are two organizations contributing a new chapter for a genre last triumphed in the 70s, with many exciting installments to come.

Text and photo Elise Gallant. 

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