Purple Art

[January 6 2022]

“Rohe Milch,” an exhibition by André Butzer at Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin

German born, California based artist André Butzer’s latest works brim with a vibrating freshness and display his painterly mastery. In Butzer’s words, paintings are localisations of the greatest despair and the greatest hope. As each painting establishes a pictorial position of its own true dwelling, the titles name customs and things, places, landscapes and friendships, Butzer holds dear. The inner location of the pictorial enables this. It creates a place within this world, yet it is not of it. “Its origins,” says Butzer, “being blue, red, yellow and the colour of flesh.” Everything springs from these four primary colours, carefully balancing and reverberating and brightly illuminating each other. Among the vivid chromatic interactions, the unconstraint incarnate embodies a consoling physical presence—like a bather or reclining fgure. Solely by means of colour, one feels the paintings’ temperaments and how firmly each of them comes into its own stand.

On view now until January 29 2022 at Galerie Max Hetlzer
Potsdamer Straße 77-87, Berlin

Photos by Def Image

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