Purple Art

[February 13 2017]

Richard Artschwager and Kevin Zucker “Chair, Wall” at The National Exemplar, New York

“Chair, Wall” explores authenticity and aesthetics with works by Kevin Zucker and Richard Artschwager. The chair is a chair, the wall is a wall, but they simultaneously present a fake representation which transcends utility. Artschwager photographs a traditional folk wooden chair and prints it on linoleum with the same structure and dimensions as the real object. Zucker CNC milled a wooden relief of cement siding, common in public architecture, and transferred its detail with pencil rubbing onto paper. The artworks are three steps removed from their mundane source materials, questioning our relationship with the objects around us and the integrity of basic structures.

“Chair, Wall” is on view until March 5th at The National Exemplar 59 Franklin St, New York.

Text and photo Elise Gallant

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