Purple Art

[January 19 2015]

Rachel Rossin “N=7 / The Wake in Heat of Collapse” at Signal Gallery, New York

Rachel Rossin’s “n=7 / The Wake in Heat of Collapse” is a virtual reality simulation that employs the structure of side-scrolling gameplay to create an immersive, Oculus Rift-based experience.

Descending into a 3-dimensional Dantesque underworld, the viewer navigates a landscape of hacked architectural and video game imagery, algorithmic collages generated from famous paintings (e.g. Guernica and Klimt‘s The Kiss), corporate signage, browser logos and clippings from scenic destinations. These radiant environments provide participants with a window to sights unseen.

An homage to the mock-fragility of life as a video game character, the participants of n=7 will experience gravity as a variable force as it diminishes from each level according to a compounding sequence of Fibonacci numbers. Photo Elise Gallant

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