Purple Art

[May 13 2015]

Prada’s playground at Fondazione Prada, Milan

When the invitation to attend the new site of the Fondazione Prada came in the mail, it was like a stack of the latest Pantone colors for next season had arrived. The architectural firm OMA – led by visionary Rem Koolhaas – revealed the massive new compound to house the Prada collections along with giving a space for artists to imagine their own projects. Beginning with a historical exhibition “Serial Classics” based on marble and stone figures from the Roman classics, the exhibition extends all the way to the present with pieces by Damien Hirst, Francesco Vezzoli and Sarah Lucas. Spectacular open spaces complimenting cavernous dug outs, this new institution is sure to reinforce that fact that Miuccia Prada‘s empire reigns Italy.

Text and Photo Job Piston

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