Purple Art

[April 29 2014]

Pierre Soulages at Dominique Lévy and Galerie Perrotin, New York

Dominique Lévy and Galerie Perrotin jointly present Pierre Soulages, the first American exhibition of his work in ten years devoted to the most significant and internationally recognized living artist of France. The show presents a group of new large-scale paintings that reveal the rigor and atemporal power of a 94 year old master known as the painter of “black and light”. Born in 1919, Soulages is among the few artists still at work from the explosive postwar period when New York City emerged as the center of the art world, the place where American innovation and European traditions collided and coalesced into a new dominant school of gestural painting. By juxtaposing Soulages’ revelatory recent paintings with a group of his important postwar works, Pierre Soulages will highlight proufound interconnections between Europe and America in modern and contemporary art while challenging certainties on the subject. Photo Elise Gallant

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