Purple Art

[October 12 2018]

Pierre Huyghe’s “UUmwelt” exhibition at Serpentine Gallery, London

The French conceptual artist Pierre Huyghe takes over the historical art space in the Kensington Gardens with the solo show UUmwelt. Collaborating with a Japanese team of neuroscientists, he developed five artworks that represent humans’ brain activity, showing pictures or, even better, ideas in their formation. Huyghe plays with the visitors’ imagination and physical presence in the gallery, whose environment has been enriched and altered by the presence of 10.000 flies that move, grow and die within the space. The combination of the abiotic and biotic elements create a constantly changing environment that leaves its own interpretation to the visitor.

UUmwelt is on view until February 10th, 2019 at Serpentine GalleryKensington Gardens, London W2 3XA.

Text and photo Bianca De Ritis

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