Purple Art

[April 6 2015]

Peter Sutherland studio visit, New York

My studio space was a documentary film production company before I rented it. They were called Global Nomads. I thought it was cool to have it after the nomads left, they left the carpet and had the rooms divided into edit bays. It’s located in the lower Broadway area in Manhattan. It’s a quickly changing area. The Harley Davidson store just moved in across the street and soon it will be all Duane Reades and Chase Banks. I was excited to see these photos of it because I am moving and it will be renovated and become condos.

Most of the work you see in these images involves my own photography. Most I’ve recently shot. A few are older images that I keep recycling or putting into new contexts. All of it is personal work, meaning these are images that mean something to me, they are not meant to reference art works from the past but i do think about that stuff. I’m interested in pushing my photography in new directions by manipulating it without relying solely on Photoshop. I use decals, perforated vinyl and building materials to do this. When I’m in the studio I listen to podcasts and mixes like most artists and I share the space with another friend artist, Tyler Healy. Look out for the two person show I will do with my brother Andrew at Mallorca Landings gallery in May.

Text Peter Sutherland and photo Clément Pascal

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