Purple Art

[March 16 2017]

“Pet Names for Wastelands” Curated by ALT ESC at Small Editions, New York

“Pet Names For Wastelands” curated by ALT ESC presents four artists re-purposing found materials. Andrew Laumann collages torn posters, often from advertisements common in subways or sidewalk barriers, into deteriorating abstractions. Jordan Barse creates intimate textile tapestries and and small palm sized sculptures of intermingling threads. Jack Henry combines plaster and detritus into porous organic slates. Miles Pflanz’s video work explores a culture where trash is intrinsic to the environment. “Pet Names For Wastelands” creates an artistic marsh, a place of transformation, new growth and debris.

This pop-up exhibition coincided with the exhibition’s catalogue released by Small Editions.

Text and Photo Elise Gallant

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