Purple Art

[May 19 2015]

Performa Presents “Void” Curated by Roya Sachs, New York

“Void” curated by Roya Sachs combines dance and projection to explore romance in the digital age. Jordan Backhus, Sergio Mora-Diaz and Oryan Inbrand created a fully immersive light installation which reminiscent of the night sky and also streams of information. The installation created a back-lit environment casting silhouettes of The New York City Ballet dancers Sean Suozzi and Claire KretzschmarTroy Schumacher’s choreography focused on various means of connection or disconnection between the dancers, staging a contemporay view of courtship. “Void” was presented by Performa Visionaries with cocktails from Aviv Vodka at Livestream Public.

Photo Elise Gallant

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