Purple Art

[May 12 2022]

“Perfect,” an exhibition by Spencer Sweeney at the Brant Foundation, Greenwich

“Perfect” retraces Sweeney’s 15 years of practice and collaborations with artists from the New York scene. Contemplating the challenges of his life and career, this exhibition marks the found acceptance and an embrace of perfection in imperfection. It is composed of three parts; a series of self-portraits highlighting the artist’s navigation through his life and creative process, a series of figurative female nudes, and finally, paintings of the “Headz Salon,” a collaborative art and music performance salon initiated by Sweeney, Urs Fischer, and Brendan Dugan back in 2019.

“Perfect” is on view now until September 15 at the Brant Foundation, 941 North Street, Greenwich

Photos by Paige Silveria

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