Purple Art

[November 8 2016]

Oliver Beer “Polyphonies” Performance at Centre Pompidou, Paris

Accompanying the “Polyphonies” exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, British artist Oliver Beer presents a musical performance entitled “Prelude, All the Notes”. Composed of two parts, the first featured countertenor Rodrigo Ferreira performing “Beaubourg Prelude: Purcell, Ferreira, Berden-Campo” composed by Oliver Beer himself for the occasion. The musician did not touch the piano, rather, he used resonance of his voice to create vibrations to move the strings of the instrument. The most exciting part of the performance came with Oliver Beer‘s brutal act entitled “Making and Breaking Tristan.” As he cut the piano strings in a specific order, all strings resounded powerfully and with a percussive resonance. Finally, the artist collected all the strings and hung them on the gallery wall to signify an artistic trophy.

“Polyphonies” is on view until January 23rd, 2017 at Centre Pompidou, Place Georges-Pompidou, Paris. 

Photo and text Inès Manai

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