Purple Art

[October 29 2014]

Nordic Contemporary gallery opening with inaugural group show Fluid Flesh, Paris

Swedish artist and curator Andreas Emenius, together with his Danish business partner Jacob Valdemar, have opened the Nordic Contemporary, a new temporary art space in Paris which will hold four exhibitions per year. The gallery will serve as a platform for contemporary art by Scandinavian artists, from the established and the less established. For Fluid Flesh, its inaugural group show, the invited eight young artists explore the body’s way to identify itself in relation to its surrounding. Each artsist connected by an interest in physicality, the natural and the industrial, light and darkness, as well as what can perhaps be best described as ‘Nordic’ existentialism. Fluid Flesh is on view until November 1st at Nordic Contemporary, 14 rue du Chateau d’Eau, Paris. Photo Annabel Fernandes

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