Purple Art

[May 6 2015]

“Natural Beginners” a group show curated by Nuvolari at La Rouvraie, Grosrouvre

Who would known, in the busy and stressful push-and-shove of daily Paris, that located about a half-hour outside of the city, in the freshly green pastures of La Rouvraie, lies a countryside manor infused with the heavy, intoxicating scents of Cire Trudon and Diptyque candles, with Air’s 1998 Moon Safari resounding throughout the grounds and impeccably chilled flutes of champagne being passed around in sensual and luxurious bliss. Co-opted for a month by Nuvolari, a curatorial incentive started by Alex Cecchetti and Blanche de Lestrange, this Rouvraie mansion has become the setting of their recent exhibition: Natural Beginners. Befittingly, the exhibition concerns itself on erotic art, its gestures and touches, notably, by creating—or, stimulating perhaps—an atmosphere filled with seductive and tense encounters. With contributions by India Carpenter, Alex Cecchetti, Antoine Davenne, Patrizio Di Massimo, Chokyosai Eiri, Keisai Eisen, Tim Etchells, Katsushika Hokusai, Lenio Kaklea, Carlos Motta, Francesco Pedraglio, Heather Phillipson, Laure Prouvost, Giles Round, Yanagawa Shigenobu, Lucy Stein and pieces from the breathtaking (and blush-worthy) collection of Ferdinand Bertholet, the exhibition holds true to its aims. Wandering around with a glass of champagne, you find yourself wholly seduced, moved, and even at times, touched. The exhibition has unfortunately closed, but the future programming is surely something to keep an eye on.

Text and photo Sabrina Tarasoff

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