Purple Art

[April 15 2022]

“Miscellanées, à l’origine des arts,” a group exhibition at Galerie Sébastien Lepeuve, Clichy

By order of Zeus, the titan Epimetheus distributed qualities to all species, giving speed to some, wings to others, thereby constructing a harmonious order of life. Mankind, however, was born naked, vulnerable, and helpless… So, fire was stolen and offered to the humans, who armed with this new power were now capable of creating, manufacturing, building; and above all, to invent new ways of life.
The group exhibition, composed of paintings, photographs, sculptures and writings, pays a tribute to the precious gift mankind received: the ability to make, invent and produce.

“Miscellanées, à l’origine des arts,” is on view now until May 8th at Galerie Sébastien Lepeuve, 69 Rue de Neuilly, Clichy

Photos by Maria Pavliuk

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