Purple Night

[October 3 2017]

Mark Borthwick “No Mark” and Drew Jarrett “1994” double book launch

Mark Borthwick and Drew Jarrett celebrated their new books being published by IDEA at the Comme des Garçons Trading Museum in Paris.

Mark Borthwick’s “No Mark”  includes three Xerox printed photography books “18 october”, “Balenciaga 2016” and “new your time’s”, the collection of poems “Ritual Situates”, and a series of posters.  These Xerox books are printed on the same paper and grey scale as Mark originally reproduced his own seminal 90’s books such as “Synthetic Voices” and “Margiela 2000-1” that he Xeroxed for his friends when they had sold out.
“No Mark” is available to reserve on ideanow.online.

Drew Jarrett‘s “1994” documents his life and work in London during the nineties. The book features early portraits of models the like of Kate Moss, Milla Jovovich, and Stella Tennant.
“The 90’s were a time for me that were more free, less restricted, with little thought to constraints and the realities of life. I was at the top of my profession and less interested in my work at the time, and more into taking loads of pictures, always finding the light and feeling I liked to shoot” Jarrett says.

Photo Flo Kohl


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