Purple Art

[April 25 2017]

Maria Forque and Filip Custic “Patafísica: Suspensión, Fragmentación” exhibition at James Fuentes Gallery, New York

Spanish contemporary artists Maria Forque and Filip Custic are both known for their  particular capacity to interrogate the essence of the body.
For this performance, Forque uses her own body to build what she calls “alive installation” using the Shibari Technic in collaboration with Jenni Hensler. In “Diamante con Suspensión”, the suspended  body of the artist represents the “sleep” state of human being while the Diamond represents our Pineal gland. At the same time, Filip Custic presents a series of photographed and filmed installations called “Fragmentación” in which he studies the concept of the fragmentation of the body. 


Photo Pola Esther

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